Indian Untouchables, The Dalit Journey Abroad:

Experiences, related to the Indian caste system, of Dalits who have immigrated to the United States


~ My name is Rick Bouchard. I am currently a doctoral candidate at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. I am conducting a dissertation research project exploring the experiences of Dalits [former untouchables] from India now living in the United States.

~ Participants chosen for the research project will be adults from India who identify as Dalit who are willing to talk about their experiences with caste.

~ This research project will interview approximately ten to fifteen (10-15) participants of the Dalit community.

 ~ A 20-minute phone interview is required to apply for the project.

 ~ Once you become part of the research project, you have two Options:

Option 1: one three-hour interview in two parts:

First, an interview to learn about your experiences growing up in India and then moving from India to live in the United States, and

Second, you will be given an opportunity to tell me what is going on in pictures of people in India.

Option 2: if a participant wants to divide the interview into two separate sessions, that can be scheduled instead.

~ Interviews will take place on Zoom online. Zoom links will be sent to you after we schedule your interviews.

~ Interviews begin once a person is seen as appropriate for the study and they agree to be a part of the research project.

~ All applicants will be contacted to let them know whether they will be part of the project.

Note: All participants who are interviewed will be placed in a raffle. Four participants will win one of four $50 VISA Gift Cards, after the interviews are completed.

To apply for the research project, please contact me at any of the following links and I will call you very soon:
Rick Bouchard, LCSW

Office phone: 207-650-6450

Text: 207-650-6450


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