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Rick is a Jungian analyst having trained at the C.G. Jung Institute, Boston. Click here: C.G. Jung Institute Boston.

A rich mixture of dream interpretation, mythology, fairy tales, anthropology, spirituality/religion, literature and the arts weaves the tapestry of an individual's work with the Jungian analyst.

The analyst's knowledge in each of these areas, combined with personal experience and imagination, facilitates the analysand's efforts to find meaning in their symptoms and personal journey.

If the analyst and analysand's efforts are to succeed, a deep understanding of the symbolic language and imagery of the unconscious is essential.

During Stage Two of this training program, the Analyst-in-Training
works with a minimum number of individuals to inform their training.  For those interested in a deeper, longer-term exploration of the unconscious, psyche, and soul, Jungian analysis is available. 

An ongoing, closed Jungian-informed dream group is also available to those called to group dream work (an e-brochure is available upon request).

For more information about entering analysis,
call or contact Rick.

The Official Website of Rick Bouchard, LCSW, offering Jungian-based psychotherapy workshops on private practiice
and sand play as well as ongoing dream groups.

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