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Article: Twelve Tips to Improving Your Dream Recall and A Few Words About Journaling (continued)

"getting up." Savor the twilight..., that space one teeters between when they are half awake and half asleep.

VII. No alarm clocks. Alarm clocks can decrease recall because they allow you no "twilight time." You are suddenly thrust into an awake state. Instead, try going to bed earlier so you wake up and savor that quiet time before the alarm does go off. Meanwhile, hopefully, memories of the dream images will surface in your silence.

VIII. Try not to move upon awakening. Dreams are best recalled by lying still and letting the dream

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images surface. Ask "psyche" to let whatever you dreamt come to your conscious mind.

IX. Record just a key work or an image. If you can't remember the whole dream, write down a fragment, a mood, a feeling. You can certainly discover meaning in dream snippets and fragments.

X. Tell your dream to a trusted other or a dream partner. Saying them out loud can make them feel more real and can bring on an "aha!" (that light that goes on when we realize some thing). As author Jeremy Taylor says, this ("aha") is a reliable touch stone of whether or not you are onto...>>


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